My Writings 

At times, I have been called a pilgrim, secular sage, seeker, skeptic and a naive optimist. But perhaps like everyone else, I'm really just trying to make sense of the world we live in and make the best of this moment in history. And that’s what I write about. If you’d like to know more about me, you might begin with The Door Was Open, Gamester's People, How My Shadow Became Famous and My Isaac Stern Moment.

On my better days, I like to see myself as a visionary writer, a hope-full cynic who imagines a future filled with undreamed possibilities. However, more often what I write are simply wonderful flights of fantasy. To get an idea of this, try reading: Ground Zero: Fifty Years Later (after 9/11); The Last One and the Millennium Fable (two stories of global transformation); "Cathedral Building" On Mars; and Diana, A Once-and-Future Princess.

In lighter moments, I enjoy looking at the personal sides of my life. To read more, go to Christmas Eve, Valentine's Day, Father's Day, or Mother's Day.

Yet there is also a darker nature that is ever-present for me. For close to a decade, events like the World Trade Centre bombings and challenges such as global warming choked my optimistic nature, and led me to feel that we were entering a dark time, perhaps bringing us toward a collective “near death experience” as a species – one that might awaken all of us to seeing the world differently. This side of me came out in a mythic story called The Last One, and my novel The Waterbearer.

Much of my writing simply springs from a deep desire to share what I have seen and learned. To help others understand the complexities, craziness and beauty of this walk through life, and to make their journey a little easier.

In this vein, you will find stories about my time on the Camino de Santiago in Spain, and The Pilgrim Cards, a tool for reflecting on both the lighter and darker sides of life, which came out of my time on the Camino. I've also written a series of letters, to a Young Woman, to the American People, to Young People, and to Oprah Winfrey.

My Personal "Pilgrim's" Journey
For many years I saw my life as a kind of pilgrimage, a "journey towards a moment in time made sacred by what each of us brings to it." That’s why you’ll see many references to the word pilgrim in my works, such as The Postmodern Pilgrim (one of my very early works).

Originally, I thought that the "destination" of this journey would be a great gathering, where each of us would bring to the banquet table all we had gleaned along the way. And as we approached the turn in the Millennium, I actually envisioned a grand celebration and coming together of humanity, and found myself moved to try and create it. (See Pilgrimage Across America

While that grand vision did not come to be, it did happen in a more personal way. To read about an amazing millennium project that a small group of us did organize, check out the Millennium Eve Vigil

After these Millennium experiences, what I came to realize was that the "sacred moment" I had hoped for was not one immense gathering, but actually every encounter I have with another human being. This has changed the way I relate to others, and brought me a great deal more acceptance and satisfaction than I perhaps have ever experienced in my life so far. And that brings me to my most recent work, Last Rites, three stories about love and transformation.

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