by Austin Repath

A woman, with the help of a wise old crone, returns to her roots, faces her anger towards men and finds the source of her feminine power. A man with the aid of angelic beings, descends into the pit of darkness to forge a new and redeemed image of man. The child of their union becomes a symbol of a new covenant between man and woman, humanity and God.

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     " a story of spiritual evolution told by a visionary writer." - NAPRA Journal.

" a metaphysical novel about reconciling the forces that split our collective and personal worlds today." - Library Journal

" Repath creates a powerful Christian allegory of the clashing forces of light and dark that split our personal and collective worlds today. As each lover goes spinning through layers of time, alternate dimensions, and the myths and demons of the human psyche, this story becomes a grand new Passion Play for two. It moves beyond tired dogma and millennial Second-Coming-of Jesus frenzy to a new spiritual covenant, symbolized by the Aquarian waterbearer, and assured by the eternally flowing power and hope of the Christ-Spirit's love." - Magical Blend

THE WATERBEARER by Austin Repath

The Waterbearer by Austin Repath has so much to say and has so much to give...but in the final analysis, this beautiful work is a love story of the first order.

Austin Repath is a gifted story teller with a knack for elegant simplicity and a message that is as spellbinding as it is integral. This fine novel, about to enter its third printing, is a look at our future as it would be if humankind stays on this same course...and a look at our future as it should be...if we can learn.

The Waterbearer is the metaphoric story of our future in the antiseptic world of Centrex...a totalitarian cyber-government. Two lovers, Richard and Pamela, leave to find the divine source to re-learn the human spirit. In their respective travels, both Richard and Pamela learn how to find the light by embracing the darkness. Thus Austin Repath has given us the means to shift our thinking in adjustment for the coming dimension.

Austin Repath writes on many levels and this intriguing delight has many layers of meaning. Therefore, the reader is encouraged to re-read it, and re-read it again... for with each reading you will find new concepts and additional enlightenment, not unlike celebrating Christmas each time. "The Waterbearer" is excellent and shows the tell-tale signs of becoming a best-seller. It is a riveting novel that intertwines Christian history, Greek mythology, and meta-physics while, at the same time, telling us what humankind is, and can be!

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The Journal

"Science fiction, myth and allegory mingle and merge in this fascinating and important book. Its hero is a scientist at Centrex, the axis of domination and control on planet Earth. He has doubts about his relationship to his girlfriend; his best friend is turning against him and his work has been stuck for months. Now he's hearing a voice; repeatedly, it announces that he is within the final working out of human destiny. "The future of mankind depends on you. You have not much time. You must choose. Repath so deftly pulls the reader into his story that the impact is as personal as it is powerful. Along with the characters, we work out the understanding of its truly crucial issue: good and evil; facing the forces of darkness within ourselves; accepting that the choice is truly ours; knowing that Light always stands ready to help if we but ask. The book has rightly been called meditative: it leads us deep, to the end of the Great Enmity and the promise that ends the story: "Now things we never thought possible before can happen." - Light of Consciousness Journal.

Synopsis of The Waterbearer

Trying not to be late for a date, Richard is quickly showering, but an urgent voice in his head that refuses to go away presents him with a challenge that he can't say no to. And so begins our story.

Richard by his "yes" finds himself in the timeless world of his own unconscious or in the world of the near future. He is never sure which; he is only aware that it reflects the spiritual crisis of humanity today.

In this world of global control, Richard finds himself a time/space researcher, and his girlfriend, Pamela, an entertainment resource. Both feel themselves misfits caught in a deadening overregulated bureaucracy. Eventually they free themselves from this world only to find themselves in free-fall throught the heaven and hell of their own being.

For Pamela, pregnant with Richard's child, it is a journey back to her native Ireland. There with the help of an old, wise crone, she discovers her real power and the gift she had to offer to the world. For Richard burdened with the fear that he will destroy all that he loves, it is being flung into another dimension, the Medieglot - the jumping off point for angelic beings waiting for the moment when humanity is open enought to allow them to assist mankind with their next evolutionary step forward. With their help, Richard undergoes a cosmic initiation, emboding at one and the same time the angelic polarites of Lucifer and Michael, the Archangel.

The tale moves back and forth between Richard's struggle to embrace the light and the darkness and Pamela's quest for love and freedom. The inner temple for the child to come is built out of their struggle and redemption. The child becomes the living presence of what is to come. The fountain centerpiece that Richards finds, and rebuilds becomes the new icon for humanity, the Waterbearer.

The story ends with the successful completion of their cosmic tasks, the reconciliation that end the Great Enmity and the establishment of a new convenant between man and woman and the Divine. Richard and Pamela find themselves returned to the safe confines of the present world, changed people within a world that although not obvious to itself has changed dramatically for the better.


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