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~ a time to honour the past, celebrate the present, envision the future~


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See The LAST Entry at bottom of page  for personal perspective on the Vigil 


A few years ago my wife, Marilyn, and I began to think about how we would like to celebrate the Millennium. What became clear is that we did not want it to be a big bash, or simply some civic event, but rather something more meaningful. We didn't know what form it would take. We simply wanted to come up with a significant alternative.

Then two years ago I walked the 800 kilometers of the ancient pilgrim's route El Camino de Santiago in Spain. While my youth had been filled with idealism and belief, in my mature years I experienced only cynicism and disbelief. But on the Camino, much of this dropped away and I experienced a deep gratitude for life. In retrospect, it is possible that along the way I reconciled the believer of my youth with the sceptic of my mature years. 

On returning home the idea of a Millennium Eve event took shape, one that would reconcile the past, its failures and achievements with our hopes for the future and at the same time celebrate this moment in our lives. We gathered together a small group of friends and began in earnest to plan this event and to share it with others. This web site is part of that effort and we invite you to read about the Millenium Event here. and to offer you a Millennium Eve design that you could improvise on.

As we prepared, we began to realize that more than anything this event would require an inner preparation. For me, this preparation could best be described in terms of a pilgrimage through an inner landscape which includes swamps of despair, great vistas of clarity and high points of hope, as well as the long flat lands of day to day routine. For me this millennium pilgrim has come to signify someone who moves his/her life forward through time to a moment made sacred by what they and others bring to it. 

This moment could be the Millennium Eve. Recognizing that as of April 6, 1997, there were 1000 days to Millenium Eve, I began a daily form of preparation, thePilgrim's Journal that maps out the ups and downs of my journey. The refugios on the Camino were way-stations (helps along the way). The refugios on this site offer the same to you, my fellow travellers. The postcards are an attempt to bridge the ordinary world with the mystic. 

In summary, what you will find on this site are the elements of this pilgrimage: the invitation, the pilgrims,the refugios, postcards,a pilgrim's journal. You are most welcome to walk with us and talk with us. May we arrive each with our own gifts, you with your gift, me with my gift that indeed the Millennium will be made sacred by what we all bring to it.

Late last year, (Nov. 21/98) I was struck by the impact that the millennium bug, the so-called Y2K problem, would have on any plans for a millennium eve event. See Cynics, Visionaries & Y2K. Even more recently I sense that the task of these times is to remove ourselves from the weight of the past rather that make plans for the future. 

More recently (May 27/99) becoming aware that the impact on the Y2K problem is ebbing, we began to sense that in the coming months people will be looking for a genuine way to bring in the new millennium. With this in mind we suggest that you begin by looking at Millennium Eve At Homes. This offers a list of suggestions prepared by Marilyn Melville as how groups might organize a millennium eve event. Over the last few months (July/Aug) we have received requests from churches for ideas for the millennium eve. In response to this, Marilyn has prepared a list of suggestions for churches

And now (December 8th) as we approach the Millennium Eve we are sending out the invitations for people to join us in our home for a evening of celebration, remembering and vigiling. To look at what we will be doing click on Millennium Eve At Home


See The LAST Entry below

Day 1001 (Jan. 1, 2000) the point of arrival, the Millennium 

To begin with it went beyond my greatest expectation. Well, perhaps the better way to describe the Eve is to say that it was perfect in that it was the moment I had longed for. There I was with friends and strangers, all who needed to be there were, called by the same voice that had led me throughout the long pilgrimage. We gathered not sure what would happen, willing to see the night through, unsure if it was simple a long weary awakefulness, or indeed the threshold of a new day for each of us. Yet all the while I knew that it was right, perfect. 

Some pure unworded self within me knew the rightness of this moment and what we were about. It was not simple the end of a long pilgrimage. It was the coming to ground of all my longing, the fulfilment of the vision, the bringing down of the dream into the world of people and time and limitation. I had come to earth, and it was right and perfect. There was a simple joy, a deep peace that this was the moment of touching down for me and I felt blessed beyond words, Indeed the whole vigil opened out beyond the plain of thought. I was in a place of full content, needed only the means to have articulated the truth of the moment.

The long vigil had ended: the dawn had been greeted. There was a knock at the door. A neighbour from down the street was standing on the porch. Big and burly, he picked me up in his arms. "Welcome home, pilgrim." Giddy with the long sleepness night, my feet off the ground and embraced by a man I hardly knew, I found myself laughing. Then I felt the chest of this great man begin to heave with laughter and together we laughed and we laughed. And I knew then, and I knew that he knew that I knew. And laughter was the only way to describe it. I was the prize.{see Day 997}

Postscript (Spring, 2000)

I feel that I have put myself in a new space. Have this feeling of being alive with my own worth and strength. In some amazing way, I have been made whole again. Feeling so much into myself, with its strength and courage and openness and aliveness. It feels wonderful! 

Seems like I should rest here and be washed and cleansed with this new mature strength that I feel entering into the marrow of my being, into the sinews of my person. I hesitate to use such a term; however, I do feel like I have been resurrected. That youthful joy and delight at simply being alive has returned. The world within is joyful and content; the world without is seen with different eyes, and that makes all the difference.

How all this has come to pass is not easily explained, nor do I think it is wise to try, and in truth this bright light that surrounds me my vanish or go out, tomorrow or the next day. However there is no denying it. I believe that I have been changed, or perhaps graced might be a better word. Needless to say I am delighted and consider myself blessed.