The Door was Open

Cabin door

(The Story of My Life)


Austin Repath


"My earliest memories are of my mother reading to me
the stories of the saints...."







What people are saying....

"Fell in love with your tale..."

"Your life story touched me deeply. What a vulnerable, deep, clear look at your journey. I'm amazed at how you could gather your life in such a short space and do it in a way that wove it all together so honestly, tenderly, beautifully." 

"An authentic story... I could see reflections of my own childhood and youth, feel your anguish in the troubled times, the immense joy of your love for Marilyn... and the dreams of childhood become reality. To live our childhood dreams when we are capable of truly appreciating them, that's real living!!"

"I LOVE IT.  It confirms my suspicion that you have become, in a very modern way, a saint and a contemplative. And yes, a priest of the present time (with eternity welcomed in at all the pause-points.) I love the way you have written your journey..."

"This tracing of your life's core trajectory is my absolute favourite of all your writings thus far. I find its tone, structural proportions, contents, narrative voice, and lingering essence is irresistibly You - and thus perfect as a memoir sketch. 
         Your mastery of intro and conclusion is sublime, adding just the ideal framework for this story of a fine life-lived and vibrantly continuing." 

"Just finished reading your piece this morning. Couldn't stop myself from finishing it. It has the great virtue of emotional and intellectual honesty, and that's probably why it flows so well."    

The tale has all the hallmarks of a great yet humble journey. Your memoir reminded me of what Gandalf says of  Frodo: "He is not half through yet, and to what he will come in the end not even Elrond can foretell. He may become like a glass filled with a clear light for eyes to see that can..."

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