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"Suddenly a wash of forgiveness swept over me. I forgave myself for everything I'd done wrong in my life. And I forgave everyone who'd ever wronged me. It was one of those rare, magic moments when all seems right with the world."
Gamester's People, Toronto Star

Last Rites: A Trilogy of Love and Transformation

Pilgrim Cards:  Reflections on Life's Journey

Letter To A Young Woman: On the Meaning of Love 

Old Age: A Quixotic Adventure

Love Dust: A Heart-Opening Experience

About Austin Repath

My life is about journeying.
     In the outer world, I have explored the sacred Isle of Iona, climbed the Tor at Glastonbury and the Matterhorn in Switzerland, got engaged on the Ponte Sant'Angelico (the Bridge of Angels) in Rome, and waded in the Sea of Galilee. Ive wandered through India, crisscrossed North America, taken part in a Lakota sundance, received the Kalachakra Initiation from the Dalai Lama. And Ive been privileged to walk El Camino de Santiago, the 500-mile route of the ancient pilgrims in Spain, three times.
    On an inner level, I have also been on a long journey, exploring the soul's country and the hopes, dreams and realities of my own humanity. This has taken me from a deep & enriching Catholicism, through the wonders of psychotherapy, the fantastical world of the New Age, and an intense struggle with the very concept of "God," to where I stand now on the open plain of a spiritual, compassionate acceptance of life itself. This new place offers a sufficiently unobstructed view of the sky for me to accept the possibility of a divine presence and to experience how it moves within us and upon this earth, as a mystery that fills me with awe.
    Always seeking, searching for meaning and longing for fulfillment, Ive been chronicling this journey, and am learning, at long last, that love really is what its all about.
    If youd like to know more about my journeys and reflections, click on a story-link to the right that interests you. Or to find out what makes me tick and why I write, click on My Writings below.
    Any thoughts, comments or questions? Id love to hear from you at:

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FOOTNOTE: Occasionally I like to share other websites that are "special" so Id like to refer you to Peregrina, a Woman's Journey on the Camino. I should also admit my bias, however; because this one is a story by my lover and life partner, Marilyn Melville.


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